Bella Unica's Creative Farm

Welcome to the Creative Farm!


Where Young Talent Levels the Playing Field


We Speak English, Spanish and Russian!


Bella Unica Art Gallery and Events believes in helping young and undiscovered talent have an opportunity to grow, promote, sell their art and become a known entity. Bella Unica does this in several ways:


Creative Farm Events


social media marketing for artistsCreative Farm Events brings the art-loving community to you, the new young artist. During these events, you have an opportunity to be discovered, sell you art and win scholarships and prizes.


Art Shows and Events


Bella Unica conducts themed art shows and events, as well as micro-art shows which are solo artist events. One in particular is Art Fridays at The Vinoy. Every Friday, Bella Unica provides a two-hour, solo-artists art show between 5:30 and 7:30 PM.


Creative Farm artists who graduate to the next level of promotion, will be offered the opportunity to participate at The Vinoy, where the clientele is well to-do with spendable income.


Art, Fashion and Spirits


Art, Fashion and Spirits is one of Bella Unica’s premiere annual events, where multiple artists are selected to represent Bella Unica, along with a fashion show and a distillery tour. Highly promoted and attended, it’s a great platform to sell art and be discovered.


What Does it Take to Be Part of the Creative Farm?


young artistBella Unica is looking for artists with a certain criteria:


  • Age 21 to 35
  • Has never had gallery representation
  • Doesn’t have an art studio open to the public
  • Doesn’t have any agreements with agents or galleries


You will need to submit an application (see below) with 5 portfolio sample images. Bella Unica will them make the decision whether to accept your application and add you to the roster of Creative Farm artists.


Once you’ve submitted your questionnaire and portfolio samples, if you are accepted, there is a one-time charge of $50 to setup your online presence on our website. This also includes introducing you to our public via social media. Finally, Bella Unica receives a 30% commission on all sales.

If you meet the qualifications and wish to be part of The Creative Farm, click the button below and start YOUR FREE AND NO OBLIGATION submission process.